Stocking Equipment Program

The following list is new equipment that is typically in stock and available for shorter delivery times. Call for availability. 

TS10 Uncoilers

48 1/2" Width Capacity X 10,000 lb. capacity
Cantilevered Mandrel with Manual Expansion
Loop Arm Speed Control up to 150 FPM
Electric Drive

   TS10 Mandrel 

TS12 Uncoiler

Single mandrel, 12,000 lb. (5.4 Metric ton) capacity
48 1/2" (1230mm) Maximum material width
Hydraulic drive payoff with loop control up to 200 FPM
Hydraulic mandrel expansion
Self-contained hydraulic power unit
Expansion range 18" (457mm) - 21" (533mm)

   TS12 Uncoiler

TS12 Coil Car

Cradle type
12,000 lbs. (5.4 Metric Ton) capacity
Maximum coil dimensions: 48" (1220mm) X 45" (1143mm) OD
Hydraulic power from recoiler unit
Complete with track and hydraulic drive
Coil Keepers are available

   TS12 Coil Car

Slit Cut-to-Length Panther Cub II

Drive Side Justified for Simple Setups
Frequency Inverter Drive on Drive Rolls with Separate Motor for Shear Head Actuation
4" (101mm) Diameter Slitter Arbor with 5 - 1 1/4" D2 Hardened Knife Pairs Supplied (Set Screws Lock on Knives)
Beck Automation Cobalt Multi Batch Controller
150 FPM variable speed
Optional Film Applicator
To see a video of a Slit Cut-to-Length Line, click here.

   Panther Cub II

Tension Stand and Recoiler

Pneumatic air bladder type tension pad
Manual cross cut shear mounted to exit end of tension stand that eliminates the need to "rethread" when producing pup coils
Hydraulic pusher arm assembly to assist in removal of slitted coils
Loop arm for speed control - Frequency inverter drive
Jog pendant controller with forward and reverse control
Cantilevered mandrel with powered expansion
Recoiler expansion range - 19" (484mm) - 20" (508mm)
Designed to use 1/2" cardboard cores with 20" (508mm) ID
To see a video of a Tension Stand and Recoiler , click here.

   Tension stand and recoiler

21' X 18 Gauge CNC Trim Folder

18 Gauge (Grade D), 22 Gauge Stainless Steel
Working length 6.5 meters
Rotation range up to 145 degrees
Cycle time for 90 degree bend approx. 4 seconds
Five (5) Bradbury Hybrid FeatherFinger™ Assemblies Included
Each Finger Assembly can be positioned anywhere along the backgauge extrusion
Backgauge depth of 38 inches
Beck Intelli-Fold™ with Touchscreen and Graphic Display
Other models available with special order
To see a video of a Hydraulic Folder, click here.


Half Round Gutter Machine

Six-inch, half-round, seamless gutter
Runs steel, aluminum, and copper at 35 FPM
Capacity Decoiler
Manually activated Post Cut Shear
To see a video of a Half Round Gutter Machine, click here.

   Half Round Gutter Machine

Coil Tipper

12,000 lb. Capacity
Maximum Coil Dimensions 48" wide X 48" OD
Self Contained Hydraulic Power Supply
Approximate Cycle Time is 1 Minute
230 Volt, 60 HZ, 1 PH
To view a video of a Coil Tipper, click here.

   Trim Shop Tipper

Single Level Ag Discovery Series with Drop Table

These rollforming lines are equipped with a Beck Automation Cobalt® multi-batch controller with speeds up to 150 FPM (45 mpm) and +/- 1/8" (3 mm) length tolerance. This series is available in Ag or R lines.
   Drop Table

Dual Level Ag Challenger Series with Drop Table

These rollforming lines are equipped with a Beck Automation SII control system that is capable of office to shop download. Speed packages are available up to 200 FPM (60 mpm) with sheet accuracy of +/- 1/16" (1.5 mm). This series is available in single or dual Ag or R lines.
To see a video of a Dual Level Post Cut Rollformer, click
   Hayes Dual Level Rollfomer

Transition Notch Press

Press and die designed to accept a 44" maximum wide blank
Press and die designed to produce a lead/trail Ag panel pattern
One cycle of the press will produce two (2) profiled blanks ready to be finish formed on the trim folder to produce transition or Gambrel Trim
Hydraulic power unit inclued
Other profile dies available
   Notch Press

Ridge Cap Bender

Hydraulic powered press
Produced high quality formed ridge caps
Pitches up to 4 on 12
Multiple profile dies
Formed dies utilize D2 tool steel
To see a video of the Ridge Cap Bender, click here.

   Ridge Cap Bender

Used Equipment for Sale



Rafted® Assembly

Bradbury 415b-R-2"-24" 8 pass Rafted Assembly - $15,000


Rafted® Conveyor

12' long (8 pass) X 24" wide Rafted® conveyor - $7,500 


Call The Bradbury Co., Inc. for pricing and details. 

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