Trim Shop Testimonial:

ACK Metal Products Testimonial:

"Purchasing a Bradbury PCII™ Slit/CTL System was an excellent choice for ACK Metal Products. The PCII allows us to better serve our customers and increase our productivity. Our previous system was unable to meet the demands of the market. Bradbury's quality service and equipment far exceed the competition."

Pat Wirt
Corona, CA


Metal Roof Contractors, Inc. Testimonial:

"When considering buying equipment for our facility, several people informed us that Bradbury machines are reliable and their customer service is the best in the industry. We chose to purchase a Bradbury folder and PCII™ based on the recommendations. Bradbury has exceeded my expectations with the quality of machines and the excellent customer service."

Doug Hasselwander
Edmond, OK


Custom Metal Roofing Testimonial:

"Custom Metal Roofing opened for business in January 2007. That's also when we put our new 21-foot Bradbury Folder in service. We produce mostly Ag and R panel roofing and eventually want to sell complete metal building packages, as well. We chose the Bradbury Folder because it has many commmonly available parts for easy maintenance, besides having the features we wanted. The Beck Intelli-Fold® Controller is made by another Bradbury Group company and has a graphic display that can be set up to guide an operator through each step in making a part. We use this machine for all our custom trim and have actually used it to turn out some siding."

David Laster
Creola, AL 36525


Metal Systems LLC Testimonial:

“We purchased a Bradbury 21’ x 18 Gauge Folder in 2013. Troy Hawk and Ed Koehn were very helpful in the overall process from sales to the setup. Mark Graber in customer service was very helpful in getting a spare part out to us in a timely manner that allowed us to get up and running quickly. Very helpful, professional and friendly.”


Jesse Garber

Metal Systems LLC

Salem, IN