Knight Wall Systems Testimonial

Knight Wall Systems is a family owned west coast manufacturer of engineered rainscreen wall

systems. Since we were new to the world of roll forming, we conducted a long extensive search

of equipment manufacturers who could develop the custom equipment needed to meet our

specific demands & requirements.

After completing our long search we only discovered a few that could produce the equipment

line we were looking for. With many detailed conversations and plant visits, we finally chose

Bradbury. We did this for many reasons naming a few which include the high degree of quality,

their professionalism, and the value they bring to the table.

Ultimately for us we have a sense of security knowing we have a solid American made roll

forming line that has been supported and backed every step of the way! We would

recommend Bradbury to any customer looking for a top notch quality machine that will

produce a superior product to their competitors.

We now are moving confidently forward knowing we have a solid piece of equipment that will

help take us to the next level!”


Ken Wittenberg, PM

Knight Wall Systems

Deer Park, WA