Hayes International Rollformers Testimonials

BCI Barn Builders:

“BCI Barn Builders has specialized in post frame barn construction since we started in 1984. BCI serves customers in 11 states from our 100,000 square-foot facility located on 20 acres in Fort Gibson, OK. The Hayes Dual-Level™ Rollformer seemed about right for the type and volume of panel production we had in mind. Once the techs from Bradbury set up the line and we put a few crosschecks in place, operation has been trouble free. Everything comes out square and true. We're enthusiastic about the Hayes line, and we've brought most of our wholesale customers in to show it off. I've been impressed with the service as well as the equipment. I hope we grow to need another Hayes machine.”

Terry Burrows
BCI Barn Builders
101 Leaning Tree Road
Fort Gibson, OK 74434


Connell Sheet Metal:

“Connell Sheet Metal opened as a trim shop in 1978. Our business has grown to serve southern Georgia and parts of Florida and Alabama, including Mobile…. About two years ago, I decided the time was right to expand into roof and wall panel production. I had always heard good things about The Bradbury Group and that Bradbury made top-of-the-line coil processing equipment. So I contacted a Bradbury salesman and told him what I had in mind. Based on the nature of my business, he recommended I get a Hayes International Dual-Level™ Rollformer. I was a bit surprised, but he convinced me that, as a Bradbury Group company, Hayes makes top-quality equipment and that it is designed to give shops like mine with intermediate production needs an alternative to the extra-high-output Bradbury machines. It was installed fourteen months ago, and I couldn't be more pleased.

For one thing, after the Hayes team ran only three test panels, the rollformer was ready to go. For another, my gross revenue doubled from the previous year. I had to put up a new building for the expansion, so I appreciate saving space by getting two profiles from a single machine. Maintenance so far has just been keeping it clean and lubed, and it's plenty heavy duty. I get consistently good panels using 24- to 29-gauge steel. If any adjustment problems have come up, they have been handled over the phone with the Hayes service staff at Bradbury's headquarters in Moundridge, Kansas.”

Tommy Connell
Connell Sheet Metal
400 Old Quitman Road
Adel, GA 31620


Stratco Adelaide Testimonial:

“Stratco is a large building materials organization that sells mainly to builders and contractors from numerous outlets located throughout Australia. Our target customers have high standards and expect their suppliers to meet them. The Hayes equipment we use consistently enables us to satisfy those expectations. Hayes International manufactures robust machines designed for above-average precision and durability. With the number of machines we have running at widespread locations, service is an important consideration. We have unique demands in this area, and we find Hayes very responsive. The Hayes service people we work with are very capable and their attitude is that virtually no demand is too much trouble for them, no matter where or when it is made.”

Matt Jansen
Stratco Adelaide
Adelaide, SA, Australia 5094


Patten Steel Buildings Testimonial:

“Ours is a family business, started by my father. We used to erect steel buildings, but now, thanks in part to the Hayes Dual-Level™ Rollformer we installed in 2001, we make and sell panels, purlins, and other steel building components to builders and retail outlets. We're located sixty miles north of New Orleans, so we've had a high demand for panels since Katrina hit, but I haven't had to replace any parts for wear yet. The Hayes has performed so well, that I've ordered a second one without getting other bids: It's another Dual-Level™ with electric instead of hydraulic power and all the improvements of a five-year newer machine. These rollformers come pretty well set up, and their tech people know them inside and out, so I expect a smooth installation job. There's no question we'd buy another.”

Wayne Patten
Patten Steel Buildings
Franklinton, LA


Security Metal Roofing Testimonial:

“We have two Hayes Dual-Level™ Rollformers bought about two years apart. I was hunting for something better than what I had - which required frequent adjustment and still produced panels that weren't uniform. Those panels just didn't lay right. You didn't need 20-20 vision to see the problem. So I looked for a post-cut rollformer that had solid one-piece rollers and didn't eat up lots of time with adjustments. I liked the look of the Hayes machine and our experience with the first one we bought made it real easy to decide on the second. When there was a problem during setup of the second machine, the Hayes service people gave one-hundred-ten percent to get it on line fast.”

Jerry Rainey
Security Metal Roofing
Alexandria, LA


Bax Buildings Testimonial:

“Frankly we had some concerns about buying a machine that came from half-way around the world. But we had 15-years' experience owning Bradbury equipment, and the fact that Bradbury and Hayes are in the same family of companies reassured us. We felt that, as part of the Bradbury Group, Hayes could be counted on for a good product and good service. When Bradbury acquired Hayes, it added an affordable, internationally known line of quality rollformers that are a great value for a mid-size company like ours. We've had a Hayes Quick Change™ Purlin Rollformer for three years now and recently added a Hayes Single-Level™ Rollformer. We haven't had problems with either machine.”

David Upchurch
Bax Buildings
Baxley, GA


Central Steel Testimonial:

”We've been putting up prefabricated metal buildings for years, but in 2005 we decided to move from a contractor to a supplier. As part of that changeover, we bought a Hayes Dual-Level™ Rollformer and other equipment from the Bradbury Group. People in our industry say good things about both Bradbury and Hayes, and our experience so far supports that view. We're still doing structural work where we get the building up and dried in and the contractors we sell to do the finish. The Hayes Dual-Level lets us make the commercial and ag profiles they use most. Already the contractors say they can tell our panels are more accurate and better quality than what our competitors turn out.”

Douglas Unruh
Central Steel
Louisville, GA