Sioux Steel Company Testimonial

"Sioux Steel is best known for making the components for complete grain bins, from roofs to flooring, from fans to transitions. Our company was founded in 1918 by the Rysdon family, and we continue as a family business with customers across North America - but primarily in a seven-state area of the Midwest. We have Bradbury equipment that's been running for over 20 years, and about two months ago, we completed installation of a new Bradbury rollforming line. It's designed to turn perforated coiled steel into fully formed grain bin floor panels with interlocking legs. The line works fast - and so did the installers. Those folks at Bradbury are just super. They go beyond the call of duty. We had an excellent setup team and thorough instruction in running and maintaining the whole line. They are very good people to work with. Our motto - "Your complete satisfaction as a customer is our best advertisement." - could just as well be theirs."

Keith Polzin
Engineering Manager

Sioux Steel Company

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Sukup Manufacturing Testimonial

“At Sukup Manufacturing Co., we are always on the leading edge of advanced manufacturing. We rollform millions of lineal feet per year which requires robust equipment and support. So when it comes to rollforming, we work with The Bradbury Group. Bradbury continues to develop innovative equipment solutions which allow us to produce to extremely tight tolerances. This directly translates to the ease of erection of our grain bins. We will continue to work with Bradbury to stay on the leading edge of advanced manufacturing.”


Steve Sukup

Chief Financial Officer

Sukup Manufacturing Co.

Sheffield, IA