Climate Craft, Inc. Testimonial: Automated Production System

Bradbury engineered our system as a versatile, dual-mode line which allows us to precut blanks as well as postcut short finished parts using a sophisticated double acting shear. With this setup, the overall scrap is exceptionally low, the net throughput is excellent, and the part quality is outstanding.

Our final assembled product requires tight tolerance parts. The parts produced on the Bradbury system are held to non-accumulative tolerances which enhance the final assembly. Our panel design, coupled with Bradbury Company’s ability to consistently produce parts to tight rollform tolerances, allow us to market our unit as one of the strongest in the industry.

I recommend The Bradbury Company’s equipment without reservation. If you would like to know more about my experience with Bradbury’s equipment and people, please feel free to contact me.

Walter P. Mecozzi, P.E.
Climate Craft, Inc.