Stand-alone notch and cutoff press to produces gambrel and transition trim blanks by taking a profiled slug cut.   The blank is then formed offline on a Hydraulic Trim Folder or press brake to produce custom transition trim.

Material Pre-painted, Galvalume, Galvanized Steel
Material Strength 50 KSI Yield Minimum - Grade D
80 KSI    Yield Minimum, 110 KSI Yield
Maximum - Grade E
Material Thickness .020" Maximum, .015" Minimum
26 to 29 Gauge


  • Notched Trim Profile
  • Transition Notch Trim
  • Bradbury Transition Notch Press
  • Notched Transition trim
  • Bradbury Transition Notch Press
  • Transition Notch Press Die Pattern
  • Transition Notch Press Profile
  • Transition Notch Press Tooling Bed
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