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Light Structural Steel Framing/ LGSF - Light Gauge Steel Framing

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Bradbury's Drywall/Light Structural Lines are designed for extreme flexibility. Our standard drywall line will produce sections from 0.018" to 0.035" material and typical web widths up to 6" with a single flange height. Designed to cover a thickness range from 0.018" to 0.078" at speeds up to 500 feet per minute, the DW Viper® and the LS Viper™ Punch Units broaden the line capabilities without sacrificing throughput. The versatile 420 STR™ Rollformer can handle maximum web widths greater than 6" and multiple flange heights. Whether your company is in need of a line producing .078" products with web widths up to 12" wide or a standard drywall roll forming line producing web widths up to 6", Bradbury can design a line to meet your needs. We also provide high-speed stacking equipment and hydraulic punching and cutting options.


  • Bradbury LGSF Roll Forming Equipment
  • Bradbury High Speed Drywall Stud Roll forming Line
  • Bradbury Telescopic Roll Forming line for Steel Studs
  • Bradbury Steel Stud Packaging System
  • Bradbury Flying Post Cut Hydraulic Shear for Drywall Studs
  • Bradbury Steel Stud Stacking System
  • Bradbury Drywall Stud Roll forming Line
  • Bradbury DW Viper pre punch system

Bradbury DW Viper Video

High-Speed Track & Stud Stacker Video

Rapid Change™ Stud Mills

Rapid-Change™ Stud Mills offer a versatile, affordable solution for metal framing production. Studs, nogs, and tracks of any size within the mill's parameters can be produced. A straight-knived cut-off shear with electromechanical actuation is built in. Standard 4140 tooling can be replaced with D2 tooling for extended service life. A semi-automated bundling system is available to maximize productivity and reduce labor requirements.



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