Flat Trak® Measures, Records and Certifies Flatness!

Bradbury is the world leader in hydraulic leveling technology. We are pleased to introduce our new flatness measuring control. This revolutionary new system can visually measure the flatness of your cut-to-length products, record pack information for order history, and print a bundle ticket that will certify flatness to your customers.

Flat Trak® U.S. patent #7185519

Flat Trak® will allow your operator to monitor leveler output and make consistent and informed decisions to improve the performance of your line and maintain your high standard of quality products.

Flat Trak® will detect material defects such as Crossbow, Edge Wave, and Center Buckle. It continuously monitors both wave length and height to calculate "I" units per the ASTM 568 flatness standard.

Flat Trak® will work on all cut-to-length lines.

  • Flat Trak™ Installation
  • Flat Trak™ Analysis Label
  • Strip Evaluations on Sheet Bundles
  • Flat Trak™

3 Light Visual Alarm

Flat Trak® Features:

  • Real time - on screen display of material shape
  • Out of tolerance alarm to alert your operator
  • Output signal to your line indicating out of tolerance product
  • Gauge and thickness indication
  • Bundle logging for record keeping
  • Flatness displayed in decimal or fractions, imperial or metric
  • One-Touch system calibration

Flat Trak® Testimonials

Paxton & Vierling Steel

“The biggest advocates of The Bradbury Flat Trak® ended up being our coil line operators. The system gave them a hands-on tool to improve coil utilization, minimize quality issues and increase overall production. Flat Trak® is intuitive to use with minimal training. We bought another system within three months of installing the first.”

Keith A. Siebels

Senior Vice-President
Paxton & Vierling Steel
A Division of Owen Industries

Steel Warehouse Company

“The main thing about The Bradbury Flat Trak® is its ease of operation. We are confident that the material is within specification before shearing, and our customers can be assured of our quality standards by reading the yellow tag on every pack. We have Bradbury Flat Trak® systems in six locations, South Bend, Chattanooga, Memphis, Quad Cities, Cleveland and Monterrey, Mexico.”

Todd Fitzpatrick
Leveler Operator
Steel Warehouse Company
Quad Cities