Grain Bin Roofing Roll Formers

Demand for grain storage space is increasing, and with it the demand for larger grain bins. Bradbury grain bin roof lines that produce tapered grain bin roof panels are designed to keep pace with this growing demand. We offer hands free systems capable of producing finished bin sections, including flange bending and vent / access punching, from coil to finished product. Small diameter bins to large, multi-tier bins are well within our system capabilities. Partial systems are available as well, designed modularly to be added onto as capacity demands require.

  • Uncoiler and coil car for Grain Bin Roofing Rollforming Equipment
  • Part gripper for Grain Bin Roof roll forming line
  • Pre cut shear for Grain Bin Roofing line
  • Cross cut slitter for Grain Bin Roof Line
  • Grain Bin Roof line producing tapered Roof Sections
  • Grain Bin Roofing Rollforming Equipment with Bias Head Slitter
  • Grain Bin Roofing Roller straightener
  • Grain Bin Roof Rollforming Equipment
  • Grain Bin Roof Flange Bender
  • Grain Bin Roof Punched access hole
  • Grain Bin Roof Rollforming line
  • Grain Bin Roof section on exit conveyor

Grain Bin Roof Line

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