Grain Bin Floor Line

Grain Bin Roll Forming Lines

Bradbury grain bin floor manufacturing systems are the industry standard. Compact and flexible, they allow inline lancing and corrugating, or corrugating only of pre-perforated steel. Expert tool and fixture design offers maximum control of profile, crowning and twist. The flying, hydraulic, post-cut shear design increases throughput while minimizing scrap. Versatile and reliable Beck Automation controls enable operators to schedule floors in virtually any configuration.


  • Grain Bin Floor Roll-forming Line
  • Grain Bin Floor embossing pass
  • Grain Bin Floor Roll forming Line with rafted perforating pass
  • Grain Bin Floor Rollforming stations
  • Hydraulic post cut shear for Grain Bin Floor Rollforming Line
  • Lancing station for Grain Bin Floor roll forming Lines
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