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Decking Rollformers

Decking manufacturers that demand maximum profile flexibility, superior panel quality, and efficient profile changeovers trust The Bradbury Group with their equipment needs. From our Doublewide™ Rollformers to innovative pin and cam Rafted® Drive Connection, Bradbury Deck Roll Forming Lines are built for flexibility and high throughput. With a material range from 16-gauge to 29-gauge steel, the proven and time-tested crunch tooling design consistently delivers maximum results with limited maintenance. If you require interlocked, nestable, embossed, or slot vented decking or hangar tabs, Bradbury has field-proven equipment to meet your needs.

Decking Rollformer

  • Bradbury Traversing Double wide Decking Rollforming System
  • Bradbury Double Wide Decking Roll former
  • Bradbury Flying Postcut Decking Shear
  • Bradbury Solid Deck Tooling
  • Bradbury Steel Decking Stacking Systems

 Decking Line

  • Hayes Decking Embossing Station
  • Hayes Steel Deck Rollformer
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