Light Gauge CTL

Bradbury produces Cut-To-Length Lines in all gauges from .020" to .625". Our light-gauge lines include coil cars, uncoilers, peeler tables, the world's best leveling equipment, our own mechanical and hydraulic shears, looping pit equipment, and stacking/material handling equipment that is world class. Our typical light-gauge line processes .020 to .060 gauge steel in 60" widths. However, Bradbury's engineering staff custom designs many of our machines, so if you have special requirements, we can offer you a solution that will provide many years of low-maintenance, trouble-free service to you and your customers.



  • Bradbury Cut-To-Length Stacking Equipment
  • Bradbury Edge trimmer in Cut-To-Length Line
  • Bradbury Notch Presses in Cut-To-Length Line
  • Bradbury Cut-To-Length Coil Processing Line
  • Bradbury Cut-To-Length line with Notching Equipment
  • Bradbury Coil Handling Cut-To-Length Equipment
  • Bradbury light gauge Cut-To-Length Equipment
  • Looping pit in Bradbury Cut-To-Length Equipment
  • Bradbury Uncoiler in Cut-To-Length Line
  • Bradbury leveler in Cut-To-Length Line
  • Bradbury Leveler with looping pit


Light CTL-1500x2
E-Drive Rotative

Bradbury CTL - Crosscut Trapezoidal
Slitting Line

Bradbury CTL - Coil Processing 

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