Lighting Rollformer from Bradbury

Lighting Rollforming

Lighting fixture manufacturing companies can rely on Bradbury for all their roll forming needs. Our roll formers and related production equipment produce florescent channels, troffers, reflectors, louvers, blades, and covers from gloss- painted steel and highly polished anodized aluminum. We build machines that achieve critical cosmetic surfaces and production rates that meet your requirements. In-line precision punching and notching make your designs assembly-ready. See us for manufacturing equipment to produce everything from under-counter lighting to commercial and industrial florescent light fixture components.

  • Bradbury Lighting Production Line
  • Bradbury Press system for Lighting Roll forming Equipment
  • Bradbury Double wide Roll former for Lighting profile
  • Bradbury Pre punch and Notching for Lighting Profile
  • Bradbury Lighting Roll forming Line
  • Bradbury Roll forming Line for Lighting Industry
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