Bradbury HVAC Lines

HVAC Rollformers

Bradbury Automated Production Systems can combine roll forming, cut-to-length, and slitting with various other processes, such as punching, feeding, and bending, to incorporate a complete production process into one production line. Solutions of this nature provide high production on a family of related products with minimal tooling change. A variety of options are available – from coil-fed to blank-fed lines and sub-assembly of components to your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning wrappers.


  • Blanking Line for the HVAC Industry
  • Coil processing for the HVAC Industry
  • Rollforming line for the HVAC Industry
  • Hydraulic press system for the HVAC Industry
  • Pan profile for the HVAC Industry
  • U bender for Furnace Cabinets
  • Turnover Station for Air Conditioning Cabinets
  • Air Conditioning Cabinet Production line
  • U Bender for air conditioning cabinets
  • Hot water heater ring Roll former


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