Automated Production System, Bradbury

The Bradbury Co., Inc. specializes in designing and building customized manufacturing equipment for your unique product, production requirements, and structure configurations. Bradbury's Automated Production Systems offer ease of operation and shorter production time by allowing you to convert coil or sheet metal into finished products in ONE continuous operation.

Subcomponents are automatically positioned and fastened, often eliminating many secondary operations. Automation minimizes the time required to change lengths, widths, punches, and notches. Bradbury meets the demands of JIT production by providing sophisticated communication software.

Automated Production Systems:

  • Uncoil
  • Destack
  • Level
  • Punch
  • Notch
  • Draw
  • Roll Form
  • Wing Bending



  • Batch of one capacity
  • Intelligent recognition
  • Automatic part recognition
  • Machine repositioning


Automated Production Systems

  • Commercial Shelving Line
  • Commercial Shelving Line
  • Part Destack System
  • Barrel Part Turnover with Magnetic Conveyors
  • Double Sided Destacker
  • Track & Stud Nesting and Bundling System
  • Track & Stud Nesting and Bundling System
  • Automated Garage Door Stile Placement System
  • Automated Production Systems: U-Bender for Air Conditioning Cabinets
  • Automated Production Systems: U-Bender for Furnace Cabinets
  • Automated Production Systems Producing Air Conditioning Cabinet from Prepainted Coil
  • Automated Stacking Systems
  • Automated Production Systems with inline robotic welding
  • Automated Production Press Systems
  • Automated Production with Conveyor system
  • Automated Production System with Integrated robotic welding
  • Automated Production Systems Turn-over Station for Air Conditioning Cabinets
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