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AMRT Viper™ Rotary Punch & Cutoff System

Our VIPER™ Rotary Systems* use proprietary vertical-approach technology to the production of both lighter steel framing and heavy 10-gauge structural products. VIPER Systems require no special maintenance equipment and accept standard linear tooling for additional cost savings. Our design allows close coupling of punch & cutoff to the rollformer for increased operating speed and reduced space requirements.

* Patent Pending

Viper Testimonials


Bradbury Viper

DW Viper™

The compact DW VIPER™ uses patent-pending Proprietary Vertical-Approach technology and high-speed rotary mechanics. The VIPER's standard linear punch tooling is economical and easy to maintain. High-efficiency coil-handling and stacking systems are available to complete the productivity package. The DW VIPERT is built by the leaders in the steel framing industry, so you can count on outstanding performance, engineering support, unsurpassed part quality, and on-site service.

  • VIPER™ package includes decoiler & cutoff to combine punching, rollforming, and shearing
  • Handles 20- 25 gauge metal
  • Runs studs at over 500 fpm
  • Variable or equal punch spacing
  • Punches / cuts to within 1/8"
  • Servo-Drive & Motor Technology
  • Rotary drive boosts speed, accuracy
  • Rigid frame maintains tight tolerances
  • Dual closed-loop Beck Automation Controller for easy setup / enhanced performance
  • User-friendly programming
  • Standard punch tooling cuts maintenance costs
  • Clean, reliable slug removal
  • Compact footprint simplifies retrofit installations
Bradbury DW Viper
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